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The Best Places for Wisteria Hysteria in London - Primrose Hill and Chalk Farm

There's more than just primroses in Primrose Hill. Take a stroll amongst the posh pastel houses with their cascades of purple on your way to enjoy the stunning views from the top of the Hill.

Primrose Hill has a village-like feel to it accompanied by grand Victorian terraces and pastel-coloured Regency townhouses. Boutiques, artisan delis, and chic eateries and gastropubs line Regent’s Park Road.

Quick guide:

  1. Gloucester Avenue

  2. St Mark's Church

  3. Regent's Park Road and Albert Terrace

  4. Chalk Farm Road


As always, your first stop before starting out on your #wisteriawanders should be to fuel up. I highly recommend the adorable Primrose Bakery for a delicious cupcake to see you off (below).

London, cupcakes, bakery, lockdown, wisteria
Red velvet cupcakes and wisteria
London, cupcake, bakery, Primrose Hill
You really cannot get any cuter than this little bakery

1. Gloucester Avenue

Just down the road from Primrose Bakery is your first wisteria stop on Gloucester Avenue (above left).

2. St Mark's Church

St Mark's Church is a lovely church built in 1853 with a blossoming cherry tree and pretty garden and is definitely worth a visit (below).

St Mark's Church, cherry blossoms, church, canal
Adorable St Mark's Church

3. Regent's Park Road and Albert Terrace

Not far from the church, on the corner of Regent's Park Road and Albert Terrace, is a collection of pastel Regency townhouses. Wisteria creeps along the low front walls and are also dotted with climbing roses (below).

Wisteria, tulips, Angel, boxed garden, gardens
A pastel dream awaits you in Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill, Regency houses, wisteria, pastel
Seriously, it's like a river of wisteria

Get your heart pumping and clamber up to the top of Primrose Hill to admire the views over Regent's Park, the ZSL London Zoo and the London skyline.

4. Chalk Farm Road

Overhanging Marine Ices (homemade gelato) on Chalk Farm Road you'll find this glorious wisteria.

Chalk Farm, gelato, wisteria
The gelato won't be the only thing making you drool

Continue south down Chalk Farm Road and you'll shortly find yourself at the iconic Camden Market, which hardly requires an introduction. I've included an interactive map below where I've dropped purple pins at all the wisteria spots I've found. Let me know if I've missed any spots

Happy wandering!

Purple icons on the interactive map showcase some ideal wisteria photoshoot locations. Raspberry tree icons mark cherry trees, green mushrooms are foraging locations, yellow mug icons are cafes and peach martini glasses are exquisite bars. Map your own route and be sure to check out some of the area's top cafes, bars and restaurants on your way.


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