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The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms and Magnolia in London - Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is absolutely full of cherry blossoms and magnolia blooms in the Spring. In fact, there are so many great spots I've had to split it into two posts! Read on for tips on where to find some stunning spots in the bougie postcode of Chelsea.

The exact timing of when the trees bloom will depend on how warm winter has been, but generally expect magnolia in mid to late-March and cherry blossoms from mid-March to April.

Quick guide:

  1. Battersea Park (technically not in Chelsea, but it's so close and worth a visit)

  2. Ropers Gardens

  3. Paultons Square

  4. Bramerton Street

  5. Glebe Place

  6. Royal Brompton Hospital

  7. St Leonard's Terrace

  8. Bywater Street (doesn't technically have blossoms but it's a must see!)

  9. Sloane Square Station


Battersea Park

The cherry alley in Battersea Park is a bit tricky to find so I'll give you the landmark of 'just west of the Sub Tropical Garden' as well as the coordinates of (51.47747, -0.16045). The blossoms are white and billowy. The trees are also very popular with the city's feral parakeets. From the cherry alley, head toward the Albert Bridge and tucked behind the car park is a little wooded area with two lovely magnolia trees surrounded by a carpet of daffodils.

Ropers Gardens

Ropers Gardens is a small sunken in park along Chelsea Embankment with a magnificient magnolia and several statues celebrating women.

Paultons Square

You'll smell Paultons Square before you see it (in the best way possible). The Square is a private park, but there is a wall of camellias that is readily accessible from the pavement and the two magnolias are so massive you can't miss them.

My friend and I were ravenous so we couldn't resist iberian ham and manchego cheese sammies when we walked past Casa Manolo, which sells Iberian ham, tapas and wine.

Bramerton Street

At the very end of Bramerton Street you'll find one of THE most photographed houses in Chelsea. And for good reason, the massive magnolia out front looks perfect against the backdrop of the pink house.

Glebe Place

Glebe Place is just around the corner from Bramerton Street and has countless photo-worthy spots. First you'll find a gorgeous white magnolia that frames a stunning green door with lion head doorknockers. If you're a fan of the colour pink, you'll love the adorable pink doors on the white painted houses in what used to be the studios of painter John Turner (1775-1851).

Peggy Porschen

At the corner of Glebe Place and King St is Peggy Porschen's Chelsea location. If you're on Instagram, odds are you've seen posts of their eye-catching creations. The beauty of the decor and design of the bakeries make the eye-watering prices for their cupcakes and desserts worth it (at least that's what I told myself).

Royal Brompton Hospital

If a sweet treet from Peggy sends you into a diabetic coma, hop across the street to the Royal Brompton Hospital and check out the magnificent magnolia on the corner and baby cherry trees on your way.

St Leonard's Terrace

St Leonard's Terrace borders the Royal Hospital Chelsea. SLT holds the coveted spot in my heart of 'favourite street in London.' It has EVERYTHING - adorable red mailbox on the corner, a border of alternating cherry blossoms and magnolia, quaint terraced houses with cute front gardens wrapped in wisteria and vines, and at the very end of the street, the house where Bram Stoker (I vant to suck your bloooood) lived.

Bywater Street

Though Bywater Street doesn't have blossoms, it is a must visit. Each of the houses on this alcove are painted in every pastel hue imaginable.

Sloane Square Station

Outside Sloane Square Station are a number of deep magenta magnolia trees. They weren't out yet when I was in the area, I've noticed that the darker magnolias seem to blossom a bit later.


Please tag me (@audsbitsnbobs) if you use this guide, I'd love to see your pictures!

Happy wandering!

The yellow flower icons indicate daffodil locations. For a full breakdown of all the icons, check out my first blog on The Best Spots for Blossoms, Blooms and Beverages in and Around London.


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