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The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms and Magnolia in London - Notting Hill

Notting Hill is an eclectic and affluent area of west London that's known for its markets, brightly coloured houses and for that rather popular movie by the same name. Come March and April, the hoards descend to bask in the glory of innumerable cherry blossom and magnolia trees. Here I share my tips of where to find the absolute best blossoms that Notting Hill has to offer.

The exact timing of when the trees bloom will depend on how warm winter has been, but generally expect magnolia in mid to late-March and cherry blossoms from mid-March to April.

Quick guide:

  1. Leamington Road Villas

  2. Lancaster Road

  3. Portobello Road Market

  4. Elgin Crescent

  5. Westbourne Grove

  6. Stanley Crescent

  7. Pembridge Square Garden


Leamington Road Villas

Off the beaten track of the main Notting Hill hotspots, Leamington Road Villas has a set of magnolia and cherry blossoms that are worth visiting.

Pink cherry blossoms in front of a beige brick house in Notting Hill
Had to crop out the green bin on the doorstep!

40 Lancaster Road

The rich, jewel-toned hues of Lancaster Road make it a popular place on Instagram. Outside no. 40 (the teal coloured house) is a dark magenta magnolia that blossoms later a couple of weeks after its paler cousins.

[insert Instagram post]

Portobello Road Market

It would be a sin to be in the area of Portobello Road Market and not stop in. There are countless international food stalls from every corner of the globe and interesting stalls with crafts, plants and fashion. My favourite food stall is Quinoa Food, which serves Peruvian arepas (maize dough pockets stuffed with a variety of fillings). With vegan, vegetarian and meat-based options, there is something for everyone.

22 Elgin Crescent

This house is also very popular on Instagram. It's got that winning combination of pretty door + framed by pink magnolias that people love.

Westbourne Grove

Like 40 Lancaster Road, the magnolias that line Westbourne Grove are the darker variety that seem to blossom later in the magnolia season.

Stanley Crescent

Hands-down this house is probably THE most photographed location in Notting Hill. It's even known on Instagaram as *that* house. Every year, seasoned and beginner instagrammers make the pilgrimage to this spot to make the requisite cherry blossom photo of the season. I went on a sunny day, which meant there were literally people there with professional photographers doing photoshoots. It was tough to jossle for space to get a shot without people in it so I had to do my best!

Pembridge Square Gardens and Pembridge Villas

Right at the Westbourne Grover bus stop (Stop PV) on Pembridge Villas is a massive magnolia that hangs over the pavement (left). The entire south side of Pembridge Square Gardens is lined with pink magnolias that also bloom later in the season (right).


Please tag me (@audsbitsnbobs) if you use this guide, I'd love to see your pictures!

Happy wandering!

The yellow flower icons indicate daffodil locations. For a full breakdown of all the icons, check out my first blog on The Best Spots for Blossoms, Blooms and Beverages in and Around London.


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