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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Blossoms in London

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

One Map to rule them all, One Map to find them, One Map to bring them all and in the lockdown bind them

This map is thanks to my obsession for seeing all things pretty and floral and my inclination for military-level logistical planning. I read every blog and article I could find on 'the best places to see ___ in London' and plotted them out on this interactive map. I've used different icons, which I've described below, along with the best times to explore. Click on the icon with a little arrow at the top left of the map to filter the map by category.

  • Grey flowers are stunning snowdrops (January-February)

  • Yellow flowers are dazzling daffodils (February-March)

  • Red trees are magnificent magnolia (March)

  • Raspberry tree icons mark charming cherry blossoms (March-April)

  • Purple flowers are wisteria hysteria (April-May)

  • Dark blue flowers are beautiful bluebells (April-May)

  • Dark raspberry flowers are gorgeous gardens

  • Green mushrooms are fantastic foraging (blackberries, elderflower, wild garlic)

  • Yellow mug icons are cute cafes

  • Peach martini glasses are the best bars and pubs

Map your own route and be sure to check out some of the area's top cafes, bars and restaurants on your way. Happy wandering!


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