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The top 7 secret spots for wisteria hysteria in London

Every spring, London is plagued by a strange affliction. It’s #wisteriahysteria. The symptoms include taking copious amounts of photos, being late to see friends due to frequent detours, and pausing to smell the beautiful blooms.

The wisteria season usually begins towards the end of April and finds London awash in waterfalls of purple. Instead of fighting through the hordes of influencers you would find in Chelsea or Kensington, read on for top tips of where to find the prettiest and hidden wisteria spots in London.

1. Camden

There are two gems in Camden – the first on Delancey Street where the entire front of the house is covered in wisteria, and the second tucked away on the adorable Lyme Terrace where the robin’s egg blue house provides the perfect backdrop for the wisteria. The entire length of Albert Street also has a number of wisteria-clad terraced houses.

Wisteria covers the entire front of this house on Delancey Street
A blanket of blooms on the on the Delancey St
The house on Lyme Terrace from another angle, it's hard to get all the wisteria in one shot
Purple Rain on Lyme Terrace

2. Primrose Hill and Chalk Farm

There's more than just primroses in Primrose Hill. There are adorable wisteria spots on Gloucester Road and Fitzroy Road. Though technically not wisteria, St Mark’s Church near the canal (centre), whose seafoam colour scheme perfectly offsets the cherry tree. The piece de resistance of the area are the pastel houses on the corner of Regent’s Park Road and Albert Terrace (left and right) where the cascades of wisteria are complimented lovely camellia and fluffy cherry blossoms.

3. Angel

The Albion is a lovely pub, which is perfect for alfresco dining during COVID-19 times as well, and is absolutely covered in wisteria. On the little street directly opposite the pub is Malvern Terrace where you will find the most exquisite row of cottages draped in wisteria. South of Malvern Terrace on Barnsbury Road are a number of terraced houses draped in wisteria.

Boxed garden of white tulips and urns in front of cottage with purple wisteria on Malvern Terrace
Gorgeous house on Malvern Terrace
Pink door framed by purple wisteria
The perfect pink & purple combo

4. Kentish Town

Kentish Town has so much to offer - great cafes and restaurants, cute architecture, and of course - wisteria! If you get off the tube at Kentish Town Station, take the short walk over to Leverton Street where you'll find some houses painted in vibrant and saturated hues with splashes of roses and wisteria. Just around the corner is Falkland Road where you will find some very instagrammable houses painted in saturated pastel hues and adorned with interwoven roses and wisteria.

5. Hampstead and Golders Green

Golders Hill Park has two absolutely stunning and monolithic magnolia trees. When their blossoms have bloomed, it’s only a couple more weeks until the wisteria that drape over the walled garden are in full force. Further through the park is The Hill Garden and Pergola, where you wouldn’t be remiss if you thought you’d been transported to Italy.

6. Eastcote House Gardens

On the theme of pergolas, up in north London, the 17th century walled garden at Eastcote House Gardens is home to another pergola that features a lovely wisteria tunnel. Leading to the brick walls of the garden, you can’t help but feel like you’re in a fairy tale storybook.

7. Peckham Rye Park

Sexby Garden in Peckham Rye Park in south London is home to another pergola that transforms into a transfixing purple tunnel in the spring. It’s an experience for all the senses as you walk through and are surrounded by the clouds of billowy purple blossoms and the heady perfume.

A perfect socially-distanced activity, lace up your comfiest walking shoes, grab a coffee at a local café, and meet up with a friend for a wisteria wander to explore the hidden gems in London.

I've included an interactive map below where I've dropped purple pins at all the wisteria spots I've found. Let me know if I've missed any spots.

Happy wandering!

Purple icons on the interactive map showcase some ideal wisteria photoshoot locations. Raspberry tree icons mark cherry trees, green mushrooms are foraging locations, yellow mug icons are cafes and peach martini glasses are exquisite bars. Map your own route and be sure to check out some of the area's top cafes, bars and restaurants on your way.


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