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The Best Places for Wisteria Hysteria in London - Angel

Often overlooked for the more well-known wisteria locations of Chelsea and Kensington, Angel is home to some lovely hidden gems

The best time to see #wisteria bloom in all its purple cascades of glory is in late April and May.

Quick guide:

  1. The Albion

  2. Malvern Terrace

  3. Barnsbury Road


Before heading out on your #wisteriawander I suggest picking up a maple-bacon croissant and coffee (supplied by Ozone Coffee Roasters) from Popham's Bakery in Islington (pictured below). The Saint Espresso - Angel is also not far from the area's wisteria blooms and, quite simply, their coffee is the best.

Ozone coffee, Pophams Bakery, maple-bacon croissant, lockdown cafe
Great company & a coffee at Popham's

1. The Albion

Head north-west from Angel Station (behind the Sainsbury) and aim for The Albion, a lovely pub with #alfresco dining. The front of the pub is absolutely covered in wisteria vines.

2. Malvern Terrace

On the little street directly opposite the pub is Malvern Terrace where you will find the most exquisite row of cottages, I could hardly believe I was still in central London. The front beds are expertly landscaped with #tulips and boxed gardens and the faces of the cottages are draped with #wisteria and #roses (pictured below).

Wisteria, tulips, Angel, boxed garden, gardens
Don't mind if I add this to my property wishlist

3. Barnsbury Road

Once you've caught your breath (and maybe wiped away some drool), head due south down Barnsbury Road where a number of the terraced houses on the east side of the street have drapings of wisteria (pictured below).

I've included an interactive map below where I've dropped purple pins at all the wisteria spots I've found. I hope you enjoy the splendours of Angel as much as I did.

Happy wandering!

Purple icons on the interactive map showcase some ideal wisteria photoshoot locations. Raspberry tree icons mark cherry trees, green mushrooms are foraging locations, yellow mug icons are cafes and peach martini glasses are exquisite bars. Map your own route and be sure to check out some of the area's top cafes, bars and restaurants on your way.


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