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The Best Places for Wisteria Hysteria in London - Camden

Known for its eclectic markets and vibrant live music venues, Camden also has some of the most spectacular wisteria spots in all of London

During wisteria season, which is usually towards the end of April and start of May, there are nearly as many pictures of wisteria on my phone as there are of cats. So with this being my first blog post in a series dedicated to all things wisteria, I thought it fitting to start where the obsession began - Camden.

Quick guide:

  1. Delancey Street

  2. Albert Street

  3. Lyme Terrace

Wall of wisteria with quote: This violet vision carries me to a magical dreamland
Photo credit: @anniespratt on Unsplash

With a quick stop off at Saint Espresso - Camden and the Camden Bakery you should be well-fueled to start your adventuring. Turn left off of Camden High Street onto Delancey Street and the first house will be on your right (below), just past the guitar shop. It's so breathtaking I like to visit multiple times a week while the vine is in bloom (typically May to June).

Wisteria covers the entire front of this house on Delancey Street
A blanket of blooms on the on the Delancey St house

If you're able to tear yourself away from the Delancey Street house, keep on heading west several steps and you'll then face the toughest decision of your day - do you first go left, or right on Albert Street? Both sides have multiple houses with wisteria so you can't lose (below).

A house on Albert Street with a bright yellow door and purple wisteria
This sunny house is on the south side of Albert Street
A pink cherry blossom tree with a bright blue sky at the corner of Lyme Terrace and Camden Road
A lovely cherry tree marks the entrance to Lyme Terrace

Head back across Camden Town, and if you need another hit of caffeine, pay a visit to Hidden Coffee, which is tucked right beside the Camden Town Overground Station. Across the street and overlooking the canal, Lyme Terrace might be easy to miss were it not for the lovely pink cherry tree sign-posting its entrance (right).

However, the Lyme Terrace house with the wisteria is utterly unmissable. The cheery light blue facade provides the perfect backdrop for the wisteria (below).

The house on Lyme Terrace from another angle, it's hard to get all the wisteria in one shot
Prince's Purple Rain comes to mind

With Lyme Terrace so close to Regent's Canal, you may as well pop down and mosey over to Granary Square and Coal Drops Yard where there are countless shops, cafes and bars to explore, many of which are still offering take-away and click-and-collect services.

I've included an interactive map below where I've dropped purple pins at all the wisteria spots I've found. Let me know if I've missed any spots.

Happy wandering!

Purple icons on the interactive map showcase some ideal wisteria photoshoot locations. Raspberry tree icons mark cherry trees, green mushrooms are foraging locations, yellow mug icons are cafes and peach martini glasses are exquisite bars. Map your own route and be sure to check out some of the area's top cafes, bars and restaurants on your way.


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